Gilbert, Arizona

Residents of Gilbert, Arizona, can now smile, knowing all their container solutions are well taken care of. Pro Box has many types of container solutions ranging from container sales to portable offices. Our “for sale shipping containers” come in different sizes ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet. They are also available in other conditions, including one-trip shipping containers that are almost new to as-is shipping containers aged a bit.

If you are not looking to purchase a shipping container permanently, you can choose from our rental shipping container range. Just like the shipping containers for sale, they come in different conditions and sizes. They can serve as extra storage space or portable offices. The prices also vary so that you can find the ideal shipping container for your needs at an affordable price.

Do you have items that you need to store under temperature-controlled environments? We have a solution for you. Our all-electric refrigerated containers offer an environmentally friendly and affordable solution. The temperatures range from -20 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They are available in different conditions, such as the refurbished shipping containers and one trip variants.

If you need any shipping container solutions in Gilbert, Arizona, call us now. We have a team of experts that can help you explore the different options and recommend some modifications and accessories to improve the user experience.

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ProBox Container Rentals - Gilbert, AZ

Are you looking for a container for temporary use in Gilbert, Arizona? Look no further. Pro Box, the leading provider of shipping container rentals, is now available in Gilbert. We offer shipping containers that can help you take care of your temporary storage of portable office needs. They are available in different sizes and conditions, both for rent and lease anywhere in Gilbert. We have one-trip shipping containers that are as good as new and as-is shipping containers that have seen several months of service. We have them in sizes as small as 10 feet to huge 45-foot shipping containers.

Once you choose a shipping container, we can adjust it by installing the ideal door configurations and appropriate shipping container accessories depending on how you intend to use it. Most people in Gilbert commonly used shipping containers to store furniture, machinery, tools, and equipment. However, you can also use our shipping containers for display booths and emergency storage. There is no limit on how far we can provide a product that addresses your specific needs.

If you need a shipping container but are not sure of the best option for your needs, call us today, and our sales experts will help you select the best choice for your shipping container for your needs.

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ProBox Container Sales- Gilbert, AZ

Shipping containers have a wide range of services in Gilbert, Arizona, so there are various reasons why you would need to purchase one. If you ever have to buy a shipping container in Gilbert, call us to learn more about our shipping containers available for sale.

At Pro Box, we offer a variety of shipping containers in different conditions. If you want a shipping container that is as good as new, you can choose from the one-trip shipping containers. Our as-is shipping containers are ideal for people that have no problem using slightly aged shipping containers. They are also more affordable.

We have shipping containers in various sizes and dimensions, with the smallest one measuring 10 feet while the largest can go up to 45 feet. The different sizes make sure that we can address all your shipping container needs. Our inventory also includes refrigerated shipping containers and refurbished shipping containers. If you are looking to ship something overseas, our certified cargo what the shipping containers will get it done.

All our products guaranteed durability at an affordable price point. We can modify the shipping containers to suit the intended purpose, so all you have to do is contact Pro Box and tell us what you want. We will deliver a product that guarantees long service life and a great user experience.

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ProBox Portable Offices - Gilbert, AZ

Has your business in Gilbert, Arizona outgrown the available office space? If yes, you need to create extra room as fast as possible to avoid interruptions in your business operations. Pro Box knows how difficult it is to find office space in Gilbert, Arizona. We have the best solution for our clients looking for portable shipping container offices. We offer mobile shipping offices in 20-foot and 40-foot container sizes with full insulation, windows, doors, and electricity. We also have 40-foot shipping container offices that are a combination of storage space and an office.

All our portable offices use ISO shipping containers as the base, so they are very durable. Our 20-foot portable offices can comfortably fit into one parking spot, making them ideal for businesses with little outdoor space. We do all the transportation and delivery on small rollback trucks since you can relocate them effortlessly from one place to another. 

Over 40 foot enclosed portable offices, on the other hand, you can undergo a few modifications to accommodate multiple workstations within the same structure. They are temperature-controlled, making them suitable for break areas and storage space for different equipment and materials. 

For more details about our shipping container offices, contact us today. Our knowledgeable sales personnel will help you find the right option for your company and help you prepare for the delivery of your portable office.

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ProBox Container Modifications- Gilbert, AZ

Do you need a shipping container modification in Gilbert, Arizona? You have the Xbox right here. Pro Box is the industry-leading shipping container fabrication team in Gilbert. We have the professionals and equipment to handle any modification ranging from installing lockboxes to custom painting a shipping container. We also handle significant renovations. 

We let our quality do the talking and enjoy taking on new challenges. Whether you want to create a modern generation kitchen from a shipping container or turn it into a demo booth, we can deliver precisely what you need. We can also create a home from ISO shipping containers

Most of our clients often request the addition of HVAC systems, installation of electric packages, and ventilation. We have the expertise to install custom doors, windows, skylights, flooring, shelving, and modern security features. We also handle different types of cutting and framing in addition to custom painting and refurbishment.

To start your ISO shipping container modification project, fill out an online form to get a straightforward quote. Do you have an idea or concept of what you want your finished product to look like but do not how to make it a reality? Call us today, and our experts will explain the options and steps to take.

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