Buckeye, Arizona

Pro Box is an industry-leading shipping container solutions provider in Buckeye, Arizona. We offer a variety of solutions that can address all your needs. Do you need a refrigerated container for storing items in temperature-controlled environments? We are here for you. We offer all-electric refrigerated shipping containers that focus on eco-friendliness and can run temperatures of -20 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

We also handle container modifications. We have a full-sized team of experts and professionals that can fabricate any as a shipping container to suit the requirements of all our clients. We focus on providing quality services to you and can transform any concepts or ideas you have about shipping containers into a reality. You only have to tell us what you want, and we will provide the finished product.

Do you need extra room for your office or to store some items? We offer an extensive selection of shipping containers for sale. They come in different conditions and sizes, so we have what you are looking for. You can choose from the like new range or shipping containers in as-is condition. The dimensions are available from small 10 feet shipping containers to used containers measuring 40 feet. 

Contact us today, and our sales team will help you find the ideal solution to your needs regardless of what you want.

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ProBox Container Rentals - Buckeye, AZ

Are you a resident of Buckeye, AZ, looking for a shipping container rental service? Look no further than Pro Box. We are now available in Buckeye, and we offer all kinds of shipping containers for rent. We will deliver what you need if you need a shipping container for temporary storage, seasonal events, spring cleaning, or portable office space. Our shipping containers come in a wide range of sizes and conditions, whether you want one for rent or lease across Arizona.

You can easily adjust your rent or shipping container to the suitability of uses by installing various shipping container accessories and selecting an appropriate door configuration depending on your needs. In most cases, businesses use shipping containers to store inventory, equipment, and machinery. Homeowners often use shipping containers for on-site storage of personal items such as furniture and other keepsakes. However, you can use our shipping containers for different purposes, such as camping cabins, emergency storage, display booths, among others.

Do you need more details about our shipping containers for rent and lease? Give us a call, and our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will provide answers to your questions. They will also guide you on how to prepare for the delivery of your rental shipping container.

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ProBox Container Sales- Buckeye, AZ

If you are looking for shipping containers for sale in Buckeye, Arizona, you have come to the right place. Pro Box is the most reliable provider of shipping container sales across Arizona, and we are now available in Buckeye. We have an extensive collection of shipping containers for sale, and they all come in different conditions, such as one-trip shipping containers that are almost new and shipping containers sold as-is.

Do you need a small shipping container 10 feet long or an extra-large 45-foot high cube shipping container? We have them all as well as medium-sized shipping containers. Our inventory also comprises refurbished shipping containers, refrigerated shipping containers, cargo-worthy shipping containers certified for international shipping, and wind and watertight shipping containers.

You may need to purchase a shipping container for different reasons, such as portable offices, on-site storage, international shipping, among others. Regardless of how you plan to use your shipping container, we believe we can find the right option for your needs and an ideal price point.

Give us a call today, and our experts will listen to your needs and explain the available options. We can also handle container modifications and provide more details on how you can prepare for the delivery of your shipping container.

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ProBox Portable Offices - Buckeye, AZ

You would not want to imagine the impact limited office space could have on your business in Buckeye. Why sit back and watch everything you have worked for crumble? We have a solution for all business owners and companies looking for additional office space in Buckeye. At Pro Box, we have portable shipping container offices that not guarantee flexibility but also cost-effectiveness. We have them in different sizes, mainly the 20-foot and 40-foot variants. Our inventory also has 40-foot office/storage combos for businesses that need extra versatility. At Pro Box, we use standard ISO shipping containers to make all our portable offices for maximum durability.

Our 20-foot shipping container offices can comfortably occupy a single parking space, making them ideal for business with little outdoor room to use. You can transport them on small rollback trucks so you can readily move them from one place to another. Their mobility makes them suitable for construction site offices.

Our 40-foot portable offices can smoothly transform into several workstations. All units come with temperature control. As a result, you can use them as break areas or storage rooms for materials and equipment.

For more details about the portable offices we have at Pro Box, give us a call. We can help you choose the best option for your business and guide you on preparing for the delivery.


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ProBox Container - Buckeye, AZ

User experience is everything when working with shipping containers. You can quickly get frustrated when you have a shipping container that does not quite meet your needs. However, this should not be a problem for residents and businesses in Buckeye. Pro Box, the most reliable shipping container fabrication team in Arizona, brings shipping container solutions close to you. We offer different types of shipping container modifications. Do you need a major renovation? Perhaps you want your shipping container to get a custom paint job. Maybe you want to add lockboxes. Whatever it is, bring it on, and our expert fabrication team will get it done.

The quality of our work speaks for itself. We have a team of experienced fabricators that love taking on new challenges. We can build your dream kitchen, a modern shipping container house, or a demo booth. If it can cross your imagination, we can make it come true.

Most Arizona residents request modifications such as the addition of HVAC systems, electrical packages, and ventilation. Our fabricators can also install custom doors, windows, shelving, modern security features, flooring, skylights, and insulation. We also handle different kinds of framing and cutting, refurbishing, and custom painting.

Call us now, and we will help you go through the different modifications to find one suitable for your needs.

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