Glendale, Arizona

Pro Box is an industry-leading shipping container Solutions provider in Glendale, Arizona. We offer a variety of solutions that can address all your needs. Do you need a refrigerated container for storing items in temperature-controlled environments? We are here for you. We offer all-electric refrigerated shipping containers that focus on eco-friendliness and can run temperatures of -20 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

We also handle container modifications. We have a full-sized team of experts and professionals that can fabricate any as a shipping container to suit the requirements of all our clients. We focus on providing quality services to you and can transform any concepts or ideas you have about shipping containers into a reality. You only have to tell us what you want, and we will provide the finished product.

Do you need extra room for your office or to store some items? We offer an extensive selection of shipping containers for sale. They come in different conditions and sizes, so we have what you are looking for. You can choose from the like new range or shipping containers in as-is condition. The dimensions are available from small 10 feet shipping containers to used containers measuring 40 feet. 

Contact us today, and our sales team will help you find the solution to your needs regardless of what you want.

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ProBox Container Rentals - Glendale, AZ

Shipping containers have established themselves as a popular storage solution for residents of Glendale, Arizona. At Pro Box, we understand your needs and those of all our clients. That is what has made us the industry-leading provider of rental shipping containers. Whether you need to rent a shipping container for additional office space or temporary storage, our team of qualified personnel can help you select the ideal option from our collection.

Our rental shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, 20-foot to 40-foot containers. We also have 24 foot and 45-foot high cube rental containers, depending on your needs. We offer them at different prices, so you can find whatever you need on a pocket-friendly budget.

We can help you adjust the shipping container to suit the intended purpose by adding various accessories and modifications, such as appropriate configurations. The most common uses of our rental shipping containers include storage of machinery, tools, and inventory. They are also suitable for use as camping cabins and display booths. Your job is to bring us your idea or concept and provide a shipping container that best suits your needs and specifications.

Contact us now for additional info on our reliable and affordable shipping container rentals. We have a team of qualified sales experts waiting to help you with your questions and inquiries to ensure that you find the most suitable solution.

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ProBox Container Sales- Glendale, AZ

Do you need a shipping container for sale in Glendale, Arizona? Pro Box has taken time to research and understand the market constraints of our clients. We now offer containers for sale in Glendale, Arizona. Whether you need new one-trip shipping containers or as-is shipping containers that are a little aged, we have the product you are looking for.

We also have sizes for clients looking for small shipping containers, such as the 10-foot variant, but we can also serve you if you need a 45-foot shipping container. Do you need something in between? Worry no more. We have an assortment of sizes that you can choose from, so your unique needs are all taken care of. You can also choose from the refurbished options wind and watertight shipping containers, certified cargo-worthy containers, and refrigerated containers.

You may need a shipping container for various reasons, such as portable office space, international shipping, on-site storage. Regardless of how you plan to use a shipping container, we can provide a product that best addresses your needs. 

Contact us now, and we will have the experts talk to you about the different options available and those that best suit your needs and specifications. They will also provide you with information on how to prepare for the delivery of your shipping container.

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ProBox Portable Offices - Glendale, AZ

Sufficient office space is key to the success of a business. If you need to create more office space, using a portable on-site shipping container as an office offers a great solution. For business owners in Glendale, Pro Box provides the best mobile offices at an affordable price. Depending on the amount of additional office space you need, you can choose from various sizes ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet. For improved versatility, we also offer 40-foot portable offices combined with storage. All mobile offices we have are a product of ISO shipping containers which makes them robust and durable.

If you run a business with limited outdoor space, the 20-foot shipping container office is an ideal solution. You can comfortably fit it into a single parking space. We transport and deliver them using small rollback trucks, making them easy to move from one site to the next. The convenience of moving makes them suitable for offices on construction sites.

The 40-foot shipping container offices can readily transform into several workstations. They are also temperature-controlled, making them suitable for use as break areas and storage units for equipment and materials.

Do not hesitate to call us today for additional details about our portable offices. Our experts will also help you explore the different options and select the ideal solution for your needs.

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ProBox Container Modifications- Glendale, AZ

Modified shipping containers are one of the most popular purposed items globally, and we have brought that right to your doorstep. Pro Box now offers some of the best shipping container modifications in Glendale, Arizona. Are you looking for a highly qualified shipping container fabrication team? We are here for you. We offer numerous shipping container modifications, including custom painting to the installation of lockboxes and significant renovations.

The quality of our modifications speaks for itself. We have a set of experienced experts that love taking on new challenges. Do you want to convert a shipping container into a modern kitchen or a demo booth? Are you looking to modify shipping containers into a home? That should not be a problem. If you have the concept or idea, our modification professionals can help you make it a reality.

Some of the most requested modifications on shipping containers in Glendale are installing HVAC systems, the addition of electrical packages, and ventilation channels. We can also install insulation, custom doors, shelving, flooring, windows, skylights, modern security features. We also handle any type of framing and cutting, refurbishment, and custom paint jobs.

Call us now for more information on the various modification services we offer.

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