Phoenix, Arizona

At Pro Box, we have solutions for all your container needs. We can help you modify a container, search to lease or buy or remodel your containers. Our services are available to individuals, big construction companies, hospitals, and anyone else who needs them. 

We partner with the biggest names in the industry to provide reliable container solutions in Phoenix, AZ. All our products and services are flexible, adaptable, and affordable. Our team will go out of its way to meet and surpass your expectations.

Our inventory of shipping containers is big, so we have something for everyone. Our containers come in different sizes and conditions. We have like-new 'one-trip' containers and 'as-is' containers.

If your needs are limited, you will benefit from our small ten-foot shipping container. The extra-large, 45-foot container is appropriate for large-scale shipping. There are a few options in between as well. We also have wind and watertight containers, refurbished containers, one trip containers, portable containers, and cargo-worthy containers that have been certified for shipping. Whatever you need, our team is happy to provide it.

Contact our team of shipping experts today and let us handle your needs. We are happy to discuss the available options and the most suitable ones for your needs.

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ProBox Container Rentals - Phoenix, AZ

Pro Box container rentals are available in Phoenix, AZ. If you want a container but won’t be needing it for a long time, renting is a much better idea than buying. Our team will help you find the best rentals for your needs.

Our shipping containers act as storage units, and they have had a significant impact on the industry. If you enjoy the convenience of mobile storage, you will love the options at Pro Box.

We work with several partners to meet and surpass your container rental needs. Our team will ensure that you receive the rental you want in the shortest time possible. When you are done, we will pick it up.

We provide the best quality without taking up too much of your time. We believe that renting a container is a big decision. There is no reason to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

We go out of our way to offer flexibility. Whether you want to rent for a short time or an extended period, our team is happy to help. Renting for a short period is a lot cheaper than buying a new container. Contact us today and get the help you need.


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ProBox Container Sales- Phoenix, AZ

Pro Box is happy to offer affordable and reliable container sales in Phoenix, AZ. We have made the container-buying process short and simple. Once you have identified an option you like, you don’t need to spend too much time waiting for it. Whether you are looking for portable storage or a shipping container, our team will help. When unsure of the correct options for your needs, we are happy to guide you. 

We have a variety of containers for different needs. Pro box containers come in small, medium, and large sizes. There are various door configurations and conditions to suit different needs. The dry freight container with a cargo door on the end is our most popular option. The most common size is 20 inches. It is small but enough for most applications. 40-inch containers are popular as well. 

You can choose from modified, refrigerated, insulated, and dry containers depending on your needs. If you have any questions about the most suitable container for your needs, we are happy to answer them. Whatever you buy will be delivered to you in the shortest time possible. 

Contact us today for high-quality and affordable container sales. We are happy to help you fulfill your needs. 

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ProBox Portable Offices - Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking for portable offices in Phoenix, AZ? Pro Box is happy to deliver them. Together with other big names in the industry, we can deliver any mobile office. We have all sorts of portable offices so every kind of client will find something.

Our portable offices are not only high-quality but also affordable and flexible. You can use them as extra space for your business, as a studio, or as a quiet place to complete a sensitive task. They can be more affordable than renting an additional office. From 20-feet to 40-feet portable offices, we have something for everyone. The bigger ones can double as storage as well.

Our portable offices can be equipped with windows, electricity, and doors to suit your needs. We can deliver whatever will make your experience better. All our mobile offices come with a guarantee of quality and durability. They are made from standard ISO shipping containers.

Once you have found the best portable office, we will have it delivered through one of our trucks. We can customize the office to create your desired information. If you have any questions or wish to place an order, contact us today, and our team will guide you.

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ProBox Container Modifications- Phoenix,AZ

Modified containers have become increasingly popular, and Pro Box is happy to deliver. These containers are purposed for different applications and may be used in most industries.

Our containers have a strong design that is meant to last long. They can be modified depending on your needs. Even though we have all sorts of containers, the 20-inch, and 40-inch one-trip containers are the most popular. They are dependable and appropriate for most modification needs.

Our team can convert and modify any container. The goal is to ensure that you get maximum benefits from any container you choose. A cargo container, for example, can be modified into a storage unit, e-house, or portable office. If your needs are unique, our specialists will advise you accordingly.

We are great with single container conversions. We can handle all Phoenix, AZ custom projects, regardless of size or type. The team is excited to understand and meet your expectations.

If you are Phoenix, AZ resident looking for affordable and reliable container modifications, give us a call today and get solutions to your problems. A member of our team will take the time to understand you and deliver the support you need. All our services are transparent and fast.

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