Mesa, Arizona

Do you need any shipping container solutions in Mesa, Arizona? If yes, do not look any further than Pro Box. We offer every single shipping container solution you can think of. Do you want to purchase a shipping container for whatever purpose? Check out our inventory, and you will find what you need. We have a wide selection of ISO shipping containers for sale in different sizes and conditions. We also offer refrigerated and refurbished shipping containers. If you need a shipping container for international shipping, you can check out our cargo-worthy, fully certified shipping containers.

If you want to use the shipping container but are not ready to buy one, you can choose to rent a shipping container. They are ideal for temporary uses such as seasonal events, office space, and spring cleaning, among others. They come in different sizes and conditions, just like the shipping containers we have on sale. We can also customize the shipping containers to suit the task at hand, depending on how you plan to use them.

Do you have a shipping container that means modifications to enhance the user experience? We have a full-scale team of qualified shipping container modification experts who can handle any request without compromising quality.

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ProBox Container Rentals - Mesa, AZ

If you need a shipping container for temporary use, such as a portable office or spring cleaning in Mesa, Arizona, Pro Box has you covered. We offer rental shipping containers in various sizes and different conditions for different uses. 

We can customize a rental container by providing various accessories and configurations to suit the specific needs of our clients. Most people renting shipping containers used in four storage needs. However, shipping containers are also suitable for display booths, emergency storage, and more. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we will work towards providing a solution.

We also offer refrigerated shipping containers for rent across Mesa. Refrigerated shipping containers are gaining popularity as a convenient solution to storing called items. Our refrigerated containers undergo various inspections to ensure that they can consistently maintain our regulated temperature to protect the items under storage.

You can choose from any of our 20 feet and 40 feet long shipping containers depending on the intended use and the amount of space available. Twenty feet shipping containers can fit in a single parking space and can be transported using small vehicles. Forty feet long shipping containers, on the other hand, are twice the size but offer more storage space. 

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ProBox Container Sales- Mesa, AZ

Pro Box now offers shipping containers all across Mesa, Arizona. We have taken time to research the market constraints and the current setup and continuously work towards providing cargo containers that address the needs of all our clients.

We offer shipping containers in different conditions, including one-trip containers that mostly undergo manufacturing in Asia. Our one-trip containers come in multiple sizes with different configurations ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet. You can choose between containers with doors on one side or both sides.

The IICL-5 containers available at our premises are manufactured based on the International Institute of Container Lessor's standards. Our shipping containers not only guarantee an extended duration of service but also offer enough value. We conduct further improvements on the containers to improve the cosmetic appearance.

We also offer refurbished containers. Unlike other container suppliers, we conduct complete refurbishment on every container and not just repainting them. Our professionals carefully select the containers and inspect them thoroughly before we start the refurbishment process. We treat every container with rust protective primers and paint. After painting, we conduct one final inspection to test the container's doors and fix them to guarantee full functionality. Our refurbished containers guarantee a better aesthetic appearance as compared to ordinary containers.

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ProBox Portable Offices - Mesa, AZ

Are you in need of additional office space for your business in Mesa, Arizona? Pro Box has you covered. We offer a wide selection of portable offices made from shipping containers. They have not only affordable but also highly flexible. When you buy a mobile office from us, you can choose from the 20-foot variant or a 40-foot portable office. All our portable offices come fully equipped with doors and windows, insulation, and electricity. We also have 40-foot functions that combine an office and storage if you need extra versatility. All our products are manufactured from standard ISO shipping containers, which makes them very durable.

Our 20-foot portable offices can easily fit into a single parking space, making them suitable for businesses with limited outdoor space. You can effortlessly move them from one location to another since we deliver them on small rollback trucks. Due to this, they are ideal for offices on construction sites.

Our 40-foot portable offices can easily convert into several workstations. You can create a break area or alternative storage for equipment and materials with any of our temperature-controlled units.

Call us today to book your portable office and our experts will help you prepare for the mobile office delivery.

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ProBox Container Modifications- Mesa, AZ

Pro Box is the go-to company for anyone looking for all shipping container modifications in Mesa, Arizona. We have a complete team of professionals and specialists that can fabricate containers for all your needs. Whether you need custom-painted shipping containers or lockboxes, our team of professionals will deliver precisely what you need. We also handle significant renovations.

We guarantee quality work, and our experts love taking on challenges so you can come to us with any concept, and we will work towards realizing it. Are you looking to transform a shipping container into a kitchen or a demo booth? Do you want to build a home out of shipping containers? Look no more, come to us with any ideas or concepts you have, and we will make it happen!

We have the skills and experience to add HVAC systems, electrical equipment and packages, and ventilation to your shipping container. We also handle insulations and add custom doors, windows, skylights, flooring, security features, and shelving. With a highly skilled team of experts, we can handle any refurbishing, custom paint jobs, and cutting and framing.

Feel free to contact us to tell us more about the modification project you have in mind. Our experts will break down the options and help you settle on the most suitable shipping container modifications based on your needs.

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