40ft High Cube IICL-5 Shipping Container

Highest grade used container with cargo doors on one end. Dimensions: 40' length, 8' width, 9'6" height.
Highest Grade Used Container
Various Colors
5-10 Years Old
9' 6" Tall


Container Alliance is the number one source for 40-foot high cube containers for sale. They’re very similar to standard 40-foot containers, except for their additional height. While a standard 40-foot ISO container is 8 feet, 6 inches tall, a 40-foot cube container is 9 feet 6 inches tall. This additional height increases the container’s cargo capacity by approximately 12%, giving the cube a total 2,694 cubic feet of storage space.

The cost of a 40-foot ISO container is lower than you might expect, providing exceptional value for its size. For additional peace of mind, consider an ISO container with an IICL (International Institute of Container Lessors) rating. While this level of craftsmanship is primarily sought after in the financial industry, we’ve also found that it guarantees a high-quality standard for many other uses. Paying a bit extra for the IICL rating ensures your container will hold its value and provide dependable performance for many years.

To learn more about buying one of our IICL-rated 40-foot cube ISO containers, give us a call. Our friendly and experienced sales reps will discuss pricing and explain your shipping container delivery options.

About IICL Containers
IICL stands for “International Institute of Container Lessors”. Essentially, the IICL has created a standard of inspection that insures that an ISO Storage Container is in adequate condition to be long­ term leased for cargo transportation. This inspection criteria is mainly used by financial institutions, but we have found that it also guarantees a high ­quality standard that insures your used container not only carries enough value but will also be dependable and last for many years.  On average IICL units are newer, structurally sound, and have better cosmetic appearance than other used containers. Ask your Container Alliance sales rep today to quote you for an IICL rated Storage Container. You may be surprised at the little amount extra you will pay above cargo worthy for these excellent units. These containers have a 5 year warranty to be watertight.

40ft High Cube IICL-5 Shipping Container Specifications

Exterior Interior Door Openings Trip Weight Fork Pockets

Length: 40'

Width: 8'

Height: 9' 6"

Length: 39' 5"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 8' 10"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 8' 5"

Tare: 8,775 lbs

Max Gross: 67,200 lbs

Cubic Cap: 2,700 cu. ft

Height: 0' 4 1/2"

Width: 1' 2 3 /16"

Center: 6' 9 7/8"

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