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Dry Box USA

Since 2004 Dry Box has specialized in the sale of shipping and storage containers to individuals and businesses. Our “on-site” shipping containers can be delivered to you in {{ area_name }}, {{state_name}}. Storage containers for portable storage use throughout the Pacific Northwest Including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. 866-654-4159

Services include container sales in {{ area_name }} {{state_abbrv}}, Container rentals {{ area_name }} Refrigerated container rentals {{ area_name }} {{state_abbrv}} and sales as well as container modifications in {{ area_name }} {{state_abbrv}}. Dry Box is your #1 source for new containers, used shipping containers for overseas shipping or storage solutions. Drybox is hear to help you needs. Give us a call today at to discuss with a container expert866-654-4159

Container Sales

DRYBOX is your number 1 choice for new and used containers in the {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} and the Pacific Northwest.  866-654-4159


DRYBOX offers sales in all of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana with new and used containers bought directly from the shipping lines and delivered straight to you. If your storage needs are small or large, {{name}} is able to deliver the standard size from 20ft, 40ft, 45ft and 53ft to the common custom sizes 10ft, 15ft, 24ft. Here at DRYBOX we offer a full line of modifications so make sure to ask your sales representative if your needs include a custom size or a special modification.   866-654-4159


Drybox has inventory available throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Give us a call today to see what makes Drybox the best in container sales {{area_name}} 866-654-4159

Container Rentals


DRYBOX offers rental containers for your home or business in the {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} area. Your rental container will come with large cargo doors for easy access and lockboxes to help secure your contents. DRYBOX rental containers are guaranteed to be water tight and delivery is guaranteed to be fast.  We have many options available in various sizes, and door configurations.   

Give us a call at 866-654-4159 to discuss what best suites your rental needs.

Refrigerated Containers


DRYBOX offers sales and rentals in certain areas on refrigerated and non-operational refrigerated containers from a variety of shipping lines. With over 13 years of experience, DRYBOX is ready to handle your refrigeration needs in the {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} area.  We have 10ft, 20ft and 40HC refrigerated containers ready to delivery to your site today.  Give us a call for more information. 

Being able to pull from the best inventory in the Pacific Northwest, DRYBOX is ready to deliver to you in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}}. Reach out to DRYBOX today at 866-654-4159 to get you set up to provide you with the refrigerated container of your needs.  


Container Modifications


DRYBOX is an industry leader in modifications in the {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} area. With experience in standard modifications from windows, doors, ventilation, shelving, lighting, painting and more. Ask your sales rep about their experience in container homes, condos, fire, police and military training facilities. Whatever you need DRYBOX is ready to accommodate your needs.


Feel free to reach out to us 866-654-4159 in the {{area_name}} area to get your project going.